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1. Martinović Slobodan. The question of legal personality.

Degree: PhD, Law, 2012, University of Belgrade

The subject of the doctoral dissertation named The Question of Legal Personality, written by Slobodan R. Martinovich, LLM, is the phenomenon of legal personality taken in all its complexity. This means that the dissertation offers the answers to all important issues related to the legal personality, and not from the standpoint of either specific legal system, but rather from the standpoint of the law as a phenomenon, regardless of its historical forms. The dissertation answers the following questions: 1) issues related to the concept of legal personality, which includes defining the concept and analyzing its elements, and the analysis of the conditions and procedures for the creation, existence and dissolution of legal personality, as well as the future of this phenomenon; 2) the question of who can be a legal entity and, in this respect, the question of the concept of legal entity, types of entities and relationships between them and between legal and non-legal entities; 3) the issue of fictitious elements in law, as well as the issue of the relationship between legal fictions creating and legal personality; 4) the issue of the state’s legal personality; The dissertation sets the following research goals: 1) determining the general concepts of legal personality and legal entity; 2) determining and analysing the elements of the general concepts of legal personality and legal entity; 3) determining the conditions for the emergence and existence of legal personality; 4) determining the division of the types of legal entities; 5) determining the conditions for the termination of legal personality; 6) analysing mutual relationship between legal entities, as well as the relationship between legal and non-legal entities; 7) an attempt to give forecasts about the circle of legal entities and the contents of their personality. By achieving these goals the candidate intends to achieve another goal, which, according to him, in a sense, is an extract of the set of scientific research goals and their justification. This goal makes a return to legal personality and legal entity as the subject of knowledge, interests and concerns. In addition, the candidate primarily bears in mind the interest (not just scientifical one) and care for human beings, whose existence, acting and welfare represent, in his opinion and to his belief, the essence of legal personality. In order to achieve these goals, the candidate applied several methods of research in the dissertation, first of all– the method of structural analysis of legal personality. By the application of this method the abstract model of legal personality was construced, and it provides an insight in the essence of the phenomenon and its component parts (elements). This facilitates the study of the different regulatory solutions in individual legal systems and enables their systematic and impartial evaluation and criticism. In addition to structural analysis, the following methods are applied in the dissertation, namely : normative method, egsegetic method, historical legal method…

Subjects/Keywords: legal norm; state; legal personality; legal entity; values; right; legal obligation; legal responsibility; pravna norma; država; pravni subjektivitet; pravni subjekt; vrednosti; subjektivno pravo; pravna obaveza; pravna odgovornost

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