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1. Sukcharoenpong, Anuchit. Review of U.S. Tide-Coordinated Shoreline.

Degree: MS, Geodetic Science and Surveying, 2010, The Ohio State University

Shoreline mapping is of critical importance for coastal communities. It supports nautical charting, coastal zone management, legal boundary determination, analyzing shoreline erosion and other threats of climate change, and a host of other applications. A tide-coordinated shoreline is representative of the shoreline at certain tidal stage, e.g., Mean Lower-Low Water (MLLW) or Mean High Water (MHW). Since the establishment of the Survey of the Coast in 1807, mapping of tide-coordinated shorelines has been a challenging operation. In the past, analog devices, such as plane tables and telemeter rods, had been used in mapping the tide-coordinated shoreline for nautical chart production. Although shoreline mapping from such techniques provided high-quality shoreline, the procedure requires massive amount of time, manpower and budget. The standard method to map tide-coordinated shorelines was later shifted to aerial photogrammetry in 1927. Advantages of conducting coastal surveys using aerial photogrammetry over the conventional ground survey include enabling surveying of large areas in a short time, while maintaining good accuracy. Today, approaches to tide-coordinated shoreline involve recent advances in technologies and methods, including global positioning system (GPS), light detection and ranging (LIDAR), satellite imagery, and auto-feature extraction from imagery. Additionally, LIDAR has currently begun to be utilized in NOAA’s national shoreline production for MHW shoreline, along with MLLW shoreline from photogrammetric compilation deriving tidally-referenced aerial imagery. This thesis discusses coastal mapping and surveying work focused on approaches to tide-coordinated shoreline. A brief history of shoreline mapping in the United States, dating back to the early era of U.S. coastal survey, is presented as well as current standard procedures of tide-coordinated shoreline mapping, including quality of work and efficiency of the work process. Definitions of a shoreline and some of its variations, usually misinterpreted and misused, are addressed to give a basic understanding. Implementations of modern technologies and methods in derivation of tide-coordinated shoreline will then be reviewed and discussed regarding the accuracy and efficiency of the shoreline products. Finally, trends and developments of tide-coordinated shoreline mapping approaches regarding advancements of technologies in the future are analyzed and discussed in the thesis. Advisors/Committee Members: Li, Rongxing (Advisor).

Subjects/Keywords: Geographic Information Science; Tide-coordinated shoreline; Shoreline mapping; LiDAR; Satellite imagery

…5 2.1.3 Instantaneous Shorelines €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦... 6 2.1.4 Tide-Coordinated Shorelines… …6 2.2 Tide-coordinated shorelines and instantaneous shorelines €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ 7 2.3 Tidal Datum… …Reviews of Tide-Coordinated Shoreline €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦ €¦â€¦55 4.1 U.S. tide-coordinated shoreline… …55 4.2 NOAA’s standard procedure to achieve tide-coordinated shoreline from aerial… …coordinated shoreline researches at the Ohio State University €¦ €¦... 78 4.4.1 Digital tide… 

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