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Delft University of Technology

1. Van Hardeveld, T.F. E-learning portal for home care planning:.

Degree: 2014, Delft University of Technology

This master graduation project is focused on designing an E-learning portal, for home-care managers and planners, to learn working with Careware. Careware is an hour registration program (accessed by web-portal) from helpLine B.V. that provides IT support for care providers. It enables caregivers to access more functionalities and data in comparison to other software. This software helps users to create detailed schedules, time registrations and provide all kinds of information needed for this care sector. Careware is divided into two systems. The main part is an Internet portal, running on PC’s (used by managers and planners). The other part is an application running on smart devices (Android, Apple iOS) used by caregivers. The users face problems in learning to operate the software. Only one day of training is offered to familiarize them with the software. The main purpose of the E-learning portal is to teach its users the basic skills of Careware. The analysis of Careware is made by exploring the software and its current context. To get to know the context of Careware, observations of the current trainings are performed. With the information gathered from these researches the decision to continue the project focussing on the PC users (webportal of Careware, the planners’s software of Careware) has been made. Not only will the E-learning portal be used to teach the basic skills to users, it also offers support to planners and managers when doing their daily activities. Through gathering this information a more detailed research about the context of planners and their daily activities is performed. The detailed research starts with a literature research to gather information about online learning. By conducting interviews, the use and learning of Careware has been further explored. The literature research concluded in an E-learning delivery method, teaching approaches and strategy for the portal, where users can choose between a linear and non-linear learning path. By conducting interviews with a teacher and a few planners, the usage and learning of the Careware PC platform has been researched. Concluded from these interviews was that each organization has its own way working with Careware, some using different modules than others, to complete their daily activities. Learning the basic skills is the same for each organization. By defining the functions & features, having a list of specifications, an information structure and a flowchart, the design was created and discussed. With the help of the gathered information from the previous researches the E-learning portal is divided into four modules: Learning Content, Community, News and Playground. Learning Content The learning content module focuses on teaching the basic skills of Careware to the users of the E-learning portal. The content has been divided into different categories, where each category consists of instructional videos and manuals to learn specific topics. The topics are created regarding the existing Careware trainings. Each category ends with a… Advisors/Committee Members: Van Egmond, R., Vermeeren, A.P.O.S..

Subjects/Keywords: Online Learning; Careware; E-learning; helpLine B.V.

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