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1. Monika, Sadia K. III- Nitride Enhancement Mode Device.

Degree: MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2017, The Ohio State University

GaN is a promising material for energy efficient high power switching applications due to its wide bandgap, and high critical field. However, for such applications normally off devices with high positive threshold voltage and low off-state current is desirable. In this thesis, first, we investigated the effects of different scattering mechanisms on the low field mobility of GaN MOSFET. We found that, unlike AlGaN/GaN HEMTs, where mobility is limited by phonon scattering, mobility in GaN MOSFET is limited by interface ionized impurity scattering and surface roughness scattering. Next, we investigate the effect of different process steps, namely, O2 plasma treatment, post dielectric anneal(PDA), and post metal anneal(PMA), on the threshold voltage, hysteresis, and mobility of Al2O3/GaN MOSFETs. Our study reveals that (a) lower hysteresis can be achieved by high temperature PDA in the presence of O2 plasma and PMA treatment, (b) large positive threshold voltage can be achieved with high temperature PDA and PMA treatment in absence of O2 plasma, and (c) high mobility can be achieved with only high temperature PMA treatment without O2 plasma and PDA treatment. Using our optimized process condition we achieved GaN MOSFET with 1.5 V threshold, 0.1 V hysteresis, 225 cm2V-1s-1 mobility, 67 mV/dec subthreshold swing, and 1010 on-off ratio. We also investigated the potential of AlON as a gate dielectric in GaN MOSFET. It is found that AlON can increase the threshold voltage in both HEMTs and MOSFET structures, most probably due to behavior of nitrogen atoms as acceptor like states. We demonstrate a 5 V, and 1.5 V shift in HEMT, and MOSFET structure using AlON as gate dielectric. Advisors/Committee Members: Siddharth, Rajan (Advisor).

Subjects/Keywords: Electrical Engineering; GaN MOSFET, E-mode, GIT, Power Device, Positive threshold voltage, Mobility, Hysteresis, Subthreshold slope, Normally off device

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