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1. Van den Bogaart, Antoine. Assessment of Personal Professional Theories.

Degree: 2018, NARCIS

Vocational education lays the foundations of PPTs, which continue to take shape during practitioners’ professional careers, often in interaction with CPTs. Knowledge of PPTs is important in vocational education because PPTs reflect how students have internalised and integrated what they have learned in school and in practice during internships. If the main features of student’s PPTs could be made visible, they could provide teachers with information on the student’s knowledge of and views on the profession they are learning. As important aspects such as its priorities, awareness of professional issues, cohesion and the connection between experience and theory become explicit, teachers could advise students regarding their development. This means that teachers could use students’ PPTs for formative assessments of student development. Such assessments could also help them to personalise their teaching by better designing future learning experiences. An example is teacher education, where it is important that student teachers realise that their content knowledge, the pedagogies they employ, and the ways they manage their classrooms, must be aimed at effective child development. If knowing that, in a student’s PPT, child development is only weakly connected with such items, this could give rise to the teacher organising a traineeship (i.e., a studentteacher experience) which is more focused on child development.

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