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Stellenbosch University

1. Owen, Shaun Matthew. Match-play demands of a Super Rugby team.

Degree: PhD, Sport Sciences, 2019, Stellenbosch University

ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Rugby union is a physically challenging intermittent sport, whose multi-faceted nature provides players with a range of playing positions, each with various physical traits, roles and responsibilities. In addition, following professionalisation, the match-play demands of the game have continued to evolve. There is currently limited literature on the contemporary match-play demands of rugby union, particularly temporal patterns as a match progresses, and peak periods of play. This study aimed to provide an accurate in-depth investigation of position-specific locomotive and contact demands during match-play, which will provide a basis for optimal preparation for competition, thereby potentially improving performance and reducing injury risk. Thirty-four professional male rugby union players (20–32 years old) were assessed during match-play over two Super Rugby seasons (2014 and 2015). Players were grouped into Forwards (n = 83) and Backs (n = 124), as well as Tight Forwards (n = 33), Loose Forwards (n = 50), Inside Backs (n = 60), and Outside Backs (n = 64). GPS and video-based analysis provided locomotive (maximum speed, sprint count, total distance, walking distance, jogging distance, striding distance, and sprint distance) and contact (total contact involvements, rucks, tackles, carries, scrums, and mauls) match-play data that were described through three methods: Full Match Analysis, Temporal Pattern Analysis, and Peak Period Analysis. A mixed model repeated measures ANOVA was utilised to draw comparisons between positional groups. Full Match Analysis saw the majority of locomotive demands to be greater for Backs than Forwards, and the majority of contact demands to be greater for Forwards than Backs. Further differences were seen for positional subgroups. Within-group Temporal Pattern Analysis of Forwards and backs suggest that both exhibit a slow-positive locomotive pacing strategy throughout each half. A similar pattern was identified for Forwards when measuring contact demands in the first half, and a flat-line pacing strategy in the second. However, the backs displayed a sporadic pattern. For the most part, the positional subgroups reflected the findings of each of their respective positional groups, Forwards and Backs, with some variation observed between forward positional subgroups. Analysis of peak periods suggest that Backs have more intense peak locomotive demands, where Forwards have more intense peak contact demands. The Forwards’ and Backs’ positional subgroups mirror these findings. Equations derived from Power Law are provided to indicate training drill intensity targets as a function of time, which would best reflect peak periods of match-play. Various differences and similarities in locomotive and contact match-play demands exist between Forwards and Backs, and Tight Forwards, Loose Forwards,… Advisors/Committee Members: Venter, Ranel, Gabbett, Tim, Stellenbosch University. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Dept. of Sport Sciences..

Subjects/Keywords: Rugby Union  – football players; Rugby league  – Football  – Physiological aspects  – Physical training; Rugby Union Football  – Training; Rugby Union Football  – Physical education and training; UCTD

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APA (6th Edition):

Owen, S. M. (2019). Match-play demands of a Super Rugby team. (Doctoral Dissertation). Stellenbosch University. Retrieved from

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Owen, Shaun Matthew. “Match-play demands of a Super Rugby team.” 2019. Doctoral Dissertation, Stellenbosch University. Accessed November 28, 2020.

MLA Handbook (7th Edition):

Owen, Shaun Matthew. “Match-play demands of a Super Rugby team.” 2019. Web. 28 Nov 2020.


Owen SM. Match-play demands of a Super Rugby team. [Internet] [Doctoral dissertation]. Stellenbosch University; 2019. [cited 2020 Nov 28]. Available from:

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Owen SM. Match-play demands of a Super Rugby team. [Doctoral Dissertation]. Stellenbosch University; 2019. Available from: