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Delft University of Technology

1. Boeree, F. FFF 3D Printing for Architects:.

Degree: 2016, Delft University of Technology

The starting point from this project was the plan of Leapfrog 3D Printers to start selling packages aiming on specific user groups. For this project the focus was on the architecture industry and the content of the package could become anything from adjustments to the printer to some sort of service. As a start, an analysis was performed on Leapfrog as a company, 3D printing and the architecture industry. Based upon their specifications Leapfrogs printers are among the best within their segment. However, this comes with a price, the printers are also relatively expensive compared to its competitors. A user experience test with Leapfrog its Creatr HS was executed with a group of inexperienced participants. It turned out that it was quite hard to get started with the 3D printing process without significant knowledge. To completely master the technique one need to learn a lot, until know mostly via trial and error. The Creatr HS on its own did what it is supposed to do, however can improve on user friendliness in several areas. Multiple architects were interviewed to get an overview on the architects design process. Many of them had eliminated model making from the design process because of the time it takes. They however all acknowledged the value of model making. 3D Printing can be valuable for architects in the design process. For some who already make models it can be an addition to the techniques they are currently using, they could use the technique really at its qualities to create complex object. For others, it could become the first step back to model making, the printer could make entire models for them without the need of putting much time on the manual model making. From these conclusions three design directions were generated and with these the ideation phase started. The design directions were used to explore possibilities. Clustering generated ideas led to four concepts of which the training and tutorials cluster was chosen to continue with. 3D printing is a skill with a relative steep learning curve. As a beginner you have to take into account quite a lot which can easily go wrong without the right guidance. This is one of the main reasons why people, and thus also busy architects, do not start with 3D printing or quit with it after a while. The training and tutorial cluster takes the user by the hand in this process. It was chosen to develop the concept in an online environment, in this way the content is easy for Leapfrog to keep the content up to date and improve it through the feedback of the users. Furthermore, the step to expand the courses to other target groups is small. An ideal concept was developed which was then translate to a feasible version, to let Leapfrog be able to implement it on short term. An interactive prototype was made to show the future vision for the architectural package. By offering three ways to get to the lessons an architect can pick the way that suits him best. Hereby, he is not obliged to follow an entire course, with possibly many unnecessary lessons, which… Advisors/Committee Members: Geraedts, J.P.M., Bilow, M., Rutgers, P..

Subjects/Keywords: 3D Printing; Architects; E-learning; learning

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