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Title Køn og Kommunikation i kompetitiv gaming
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University/Publisher Roskilde University
Abstract This master thesis looks at gender within Dota 2 and LoL, two very similar competitive videogames. It explores to which extent gender influences the communication between players, and how this produces and reproduces gender norms. In order to do this, the videogames themselves are also analysed, so as to examine what types of gender portrayals they offer to the players. Since the thesis has its roots in an emancipatory paradigm, and adopts a social constructionist perspective, it also presupposes gender as a social construction, and makes use of gender theories fitting within that frame. Through qualitative interviews and the observation of two separate gaming sessions, insight on how male and female gamers view not just their own gender in relation to videogames, but other genders too. Through analysis and discussion, it is finally concluded that gender has no meaning if you are male, but overshadows everything else if you are female. Female gamers are thus judged by their gender, instead of their skills within their respective videogame, which is done through harsh, gender discriminating comments. This along with the limited options the games offer in terms of female avatars, reproduces the norms that only men play videogames, and that women are not welcome in this context.
Subjects/Keywords gender; sex; gaming; masculinity; femininity
Contributors Pedersen, Christina Hee (advisor)
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Country of Publication dk
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Date Indexed 2017-03-24
Issued Date 2016-06-24 00:00:00