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Title Developing Vierumäki Day Spa’s business by using Customer Journey Map and Business Model Canvas
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Abstract Vierumäki’s Day Spa & Massage offers a unique combination of sports treatments and pampering specializing in holistic wellbeing for the body and mind. Day Spa is part of Vierumäki Country Club Ltd offering sports and wellness services for private customers while also arranging corporate meeting and activity days and recreation packages. Customer experience is always individual in the beauty services because it is tailored just for you and your own needs. Vierumäki Country Club Ltd wanted to find out Day Spa’s customers experience concerning the treatment and pampering services. The aim of the study was to find out the service points with developing needs in Day Spa’s customers journey map, to improve customer experience and update Day Spa’s business model by using Business Model Canvas. Objectives were achieved by using an online customer research. The research was carried out first time online by using Day Spa’s customers database. Day Spa’s canvas 2016 and current customer journey map were used as the background information for the research. The research was available for the customers three weeks in the beginning of year 2018,was sent to 3532 persons and the number of respondents was 315 (S=315). The respondents had an opportunity to give a recommendation and developing proposals. The amount of proposals was 372. The research was analyzed together Day Spa’s entrepreneurs. According to the research results, customers are really satisfied with the services of Vierumäki Day Spa. Net Promoter Score (NPS®) indicating customer willingness to recommend services turned out to be 45,1. That is a good starting point for the future. The results show that customer journey path of Day Spa includes also some problematic areas and those need to be developed. As a result of this work, the recommendations on the services and products will be included into the Days Spa’s customer journey map and the Business Model Canvas (BMC) will be updated from the customer perspective.
Subjects/Keywords beauty business; canvas; customer experience; customer journey map; service design
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