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Title Spiritual orientation in relation to spiritual intelligence a consideration of traditional Christianity and New Ageindividualistic spirituality
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University/Publisher University of South Australia

This thesis focuses on the conceptualisation and expression of spiritual intelligence among ?traditional? Christians, and pursuers of New Age and popular individualistic spirituality. A secondary focus is the association between these and subjective well-being. A series of four studies - three quantitative and one qualitative -were conducted, and three new instruments were developed: the Spiritual and Religious Dimensions Scale (a measure of spiritual orientation), the Spiritual Intelligence Scale, and the Personal Well-being Index. Using these instruments and semi-structured interview questions, the identification of unique patterns in the conceptualisation and expression of religion/spirituality and spiritual intelligence by traditional Christians and followers of New Age/individualistic spirituality was made possible. Different patterns of association with various aspects of well-being among the two forms of spiritual intelligence were also identified.

thesis (PhD) – University of South Australia, 2004.

Subjects/Keywords Psychology, Religious; Spirituality; Christianity; New Age movement
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