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Title Effects of treatment session frequency and duration for stuttering treatment conducted in public elementary schools
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Degree PhD
Discipline/Department Communication Sciences and Disorders
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher University of Georgia
Abstract The study reported in this dissertation used a quasi-experimental design to evaluate the effects of the frequency and the duration of treatment sessions for four elementary-school aged children who stuttered. Within the setting of the public schools, two students received fluency therapy two times per week for 30 minutes, one student received therapy three times per week for 30 minutes, and one student received therapy four times per week for 15 minutes. Dependent variables included the children’s stuttering frequency as well as reports of perceived social, emotional, and academic functioning gathered from the children’s speech-language pathologists, parents, and teachers. The four students showed minimal improvements in their stuttering and no consistent changes in reported social, emotional, or academic functioning during this study, but important and previously unknown details of practices in the public schools were obtained. Other results included a strong negative correlation between group size and the number of syllables per minute the participant was able to practice. Implications and limitations are discussed.
Subjects/Keywords Fluency
Contributors Anne Marcotte
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Note [degree] PhD; [department] Communication Sciences and Special Education; [major] Communication Sciences and Disorders; [advisor] Anne Marcotte; [committee] Anne Marcotte;

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