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Title Farm business challenges and survival of socially disadvantaged farmers: the case study of Georgia’s African American female farmers
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Degree MS
Discipline/Department Agricultural Economics
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Georgia
Abstract This study examines challenges facing African American female farmers in their business operations in Georgia and throughout the United States. Farm Service Agency (FSA) lending terms on loans granted 1999-2013 are scrutinized for possible trends and indications of unfair lending practices towards African American female farmers, and other minority farmers at the national level. This study incorporates both qualitative and quantitative approaches. A case study is conducted focusing on African American female farmers in the state of Georgia. A seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) is used to analyze the FSA loan data. The case study confirmed that these farmers still experienced sexism and discrimination, and also helped to build a profile of female African American farmers. Results from the SUR analysis show that although on the front end, discrimination may not be obvious, unfair practices within loan packaging may still be present.
Subjects/Keywords African American Female Farmers
Contributors Cesar L. Escalante
Language en
Rights public
Country of Publication us
Record ID oai:ugakr.libs.uga.edu:10724/31261
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Date Indexed 2016-12-30
Note [degree] MS; [department] Agricultural and Applied Economics; [major] Agricultural Economics; [advisor] Cesar L. Escalante; [committee] Cesar L. Escalante;

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