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Title Using public relations for corporate social responsibility: PR professionals' complementary role in successful CSR programs
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Degree MA
Discipline/Department Journalism and Mass Communication
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher University of Georgia
Abstract Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has increased significantly in academic research and professional practice since the 1970s, expanding from the business realm to the public relations field. Nevertheless, the perceptions of PR professionals and their relationship with CSR programs remain largely unstudied. Through in-depth interviews with 11 communications professionals in nine diverse companies with active corporate responsibility programs, this study examines the role of public relations in successful CSR programs. Overwhelmingly, interviewed professionals expressed positive perceptions of CSR initiatives but adamantly opposed public relations’ ownership of the programs. Rather, these practitioners advocated a cross-functional approach with public relations in a supportive or complementary function. The results closely align with trade and mainstream literature. Accordance with academic literature is mixed. Result implications, study limitations, and future research areas are also discussed.
Subjects/Keywords Thesis
Contributors Bryan Reber
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Note [degree] MA; [department] Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication; [major] Journalism and Mass Communication; [advisor] Bryan Reber; [committee] Bryan Reber;

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