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Title Action learning from human demonstrations for personal robots:
Publication Date
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Delft University of Technology
Abstract Household robots need to perform tasks specific for the owner. With Learning from demonstration (LfD) a robot can learn new tasks from human demonstrations, without requiring programming skills. This thesis investigates a novel representation of actions that can be learned by using only a 3d camera and an object tracker. The action representation is objectbased so it is independent of the morphology of the robot. The actions are represented using the average and standard deviation of multiple demonstrated trajectories with six degrees of freedom. The standard deviation serves as a weight factor for the required accuracy of the recognized or synthesized trajectory. Three novel methods proposed in this thesis aim to reduce variances in the demonstration that are not specific to the action. First the demonstrations are aligned in time using a novel action signature and a novel time warp algorithm. The time warp algorithm can approximate the alignment of multiple multidimensional signals in quadratic computing time. The third novel technique is a dynamically optimized choice of reference frame so variations in start and end position have little influence on the variance in trajectory. This method has been tested on a database of five actions repeatedly demonstrated by six subjects. The results show that it is possible to have a 90 percent action recognition rate with only three demonstrations in the database. It is also shown that a robot can use this action representation to synthesize four out of five actions with varying object positions.
Subjects/Keywords learning from demonstrations
Contributors Jonker, P.P.; Rudinac, M.
Language en
Rights (c) 2013 Rozemuller, C.G.
Country of Publication nl
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Other Identifiers uuid:4dbcecf9-e143-4f16-b315-f4a509140b7d
Repository delft
Date Indexed 2017-06-19

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