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Title LTE Performance Measurement In Trial Network & Validation Of LTE Performance Estimation Models:
Publication Date
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Delft University of Technology
Abstract The drawback of theoretically based modeling approaches are that they lack knowledge about the performance and practicalities of the LTE radio interface features observed in realistic deployments. In this thesis, the problem is addressed by first measuring the LTE radio performance from a small scale trial network and by later comparing the results with simulations performed for similar usage scenarios. The main features chosen for investigation are the performance impact of activating the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna technology in the downlink and the closed loop and open loop power control schemes in the uplink. The pdf file only contains summaries of the different chapters.
Subjects/Keywords LTE
Contributors Jorguseski , L.; Kooij, R.
Language en
Rights (c) 2012 Mathew, S.
Country of Publication nl
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…1.2 Thesis Contributions Being part of the first few users of LTE network in the Netherlands, the thesis gave the opportunity to : • To evaluate the ability of the TNO theoretical models to predict LTE radio performance achievable in practice…

…Propose adjustments to improve the theory based prediction models using results from LTE measurement in the field trial. 1.3 Thesis Outline The remaining parts of this thesis are structured as follows: Chapter 2 provides the background obtained by reading…

…as a background reading in order to comprehend the chapters to come. Description Of Investigated LTE Radio Interface Features The LTE physical layer is used in two scenarios, first when the users perform download, in this case the data is directed…

…15 KHz sub-carrier spacing) in each slot, this is called a Physical Resource Block (PRB) in LTE. As our operational bandwidth is 10 MHz, the maximum number of PRBs is 50 based on specifications [16]. This sub-section aims to…

…provide readers the underlying principles behind downlink and uplink specific LTE radio interface measurements performed in chapter 4 of this report. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Downlink Transmission MIMO aims to provide increase in…

…transmission system 2.2.1 Uplink Power Control Schemes - Closed Loop and Open Loop The power control scheme is setting up the output power levels for LTE transmitters e.g. at eNodeBs during downlink transmission and at UEs during uplink transmission. The…

…x29;+P0_PUSCH(j)+α(j).PL+∆TF(i)+f(i)} 4 Chapter 3 LTE Radio Interface Measurement - Tools and Performance Metrics This chapter describes the measurement tools and the data processing approach used for…

…the analysis of the collected measurements during the LTE trial at TNO. Section 3.1 presents the processing approach based on the measurement data logged at the measurement terminal while section 3.2 presents the processing approach of the measurement…