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Title Feeling the sense of neighborhood:
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Delft University of Technology
Abstract The following paper is a description of an investigation on human connections in living environment. This topic was researched, as human beings today are more and more individualistic. Moreover, such social characteristic is highly present in Slovenian social environment, which served as a context of this investigation. Therefore, the main research question posed has been: how should a neighborhood in Ljubljana be designed and organized according to its functional and physical characteristics that it would encourage connections between its inhabitants, individuals? Research was divided into theoretical and practical part. In the first one, mostly, literature was studied, where in the second one, nine interviews were made with the residents of the city Ljubljana. A notion ‘the sense of neighborhood’ was realized as a crucial point in connecting inhabitants in the neighborhood. Further more, it has contained two sub-notions, interactions in and identity of the built environment. A list of characteristics of built environment was collected, firstly, encouraging interaction and secondly, strengthening identity. These principles were verified with the use of interviews and are answering the set research question.
Subjects/Keywords the sense of neighborhood
Contributors Lee, S.; Van de Voort, J.; Bracken, G.
Language en
Rights (c) 2013 Bencina, T.
Country of Publication nl
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