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Title Developing and Validating the Elementary Literacy Self-Efficacy Survey
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Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher University of Central Florida
Abstract The goal of this study was to develop and validate an instrument to measure the task-specific self-efficacy beliefs of elementary literacy coaches. In order for this to happen, a synthesis of literature regarding literacy coaching tasks including the International Literacy Association's standards for literacy coaches were used to write several items on the survey. In addition, the Teachers' Sense of Efficacy Scale and the researcher's experiences as an elementary literacy coach were used to write other items on the survey. Experts in the field of literacy coaching and self-efficacy provided content validity. Construct validity was established through correlation statistics with other established instruments that were previously determined as valid. Exploratory factor analysis was performed on the Elementary Literacy Coach Self-Efficacy (ELCSE) survey to determine the underlying constructs the instrument was intended to measure. Data analysis indicated that the ELCSE has a high level of internal reliability and correlated with areas it was intended to correlate with and with areas it was not intended to correlate with, it did not. Data from factor analysis confirmed that the ELCSE measures one construct as intended. Thus, construct validity was established. The results from this study provide opportunities to assess and understand the beliefs of elementary literacy coaches regarding tasks specific to their roles. Additionally, the ELCSE survey offers opportunities to provide training or professional development specific to the needs of elementary literacy coaches. The use of the ELCSE in a practical K-12 educational setting offers school districts and administrators the opportunity to identify tasks the elementary literacy coach feels they would need more support in performing.
Subjects/Keywords Elementary Education and Teaching; Language and Literacy Education
Contributors Gill, Michele
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Country of Publication us
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