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Title A comparative study of dropouts among boys and girls (6-14 years) in rural areas of Aligarh district (Uttar Pradesh); -
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Discipline/Department Home science
University/Publisher Aligarh Muslim University
Abstract According to Bhatia B. D. (1972) education is the necessity of life both biologically and socially. It is needed for living a better life- a socially desirable life that nobody can deny. It is the education which bridges the gulf the ever widening gulf - between the original nature of the immature child and the standard, customs and exacting demands of society which increase with the growth of civilization. Education renews and rebuilds the social fabric and gives social consciousness. In earlier times, education was primarily meant for survival. But with time it has become indispensible for a more enriched life, better use of leisure time and improvements in social and cultural life. newlineEducation is the most important element for growth and prosperity of a nation. India is in the process of transforming itself into a developed nation by 2020. Yet there are 350 million Indian people who need literacy and many more who have to acquire employable skills to suit the emerging modern India and the globe. Children who belong to weaker sections of our society are dernourished, and only a small percentage of them manage to complete eight years of satisfactory education. There is a need to think specifically on issue. (Singh P. Singh A. and Lata S. 2008) According to dictionary of education dropout is designates an elementary or secondary school pupil who has been in membership during the regular school term and who withdraws or is dropped from membership for any other reason except death or transfer to another school before graduating or before completing an equivalent programme of studies, such an individual is considered a drop-out whether his dropping out occurs during or between regular school, whether his dropping out occur before or after he has passed the compulsory school attendance age and were applicable, whether or not he has completed a minimum required amount of school work (Carter V. Good, 1973).%%%Bibliography and Appendix given
Subjects/Keywords Home science; dropouts
Contributors Saba Khan
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