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Title The Menstrual Body
Publication Date
Degree MA
Discipline/Department Sociology
Degree Level thesis
University/Publisher University of New Orleans
Abstract The main objective of this study is to develop a feminist theoretical understanding of menstruation. I first explore Simone de Beauvoir’s feminist existentialist concept of woman as Other to establish a baseline from which all other sociocultural discourses on menstruation flow. I next expand Erving Goffman’s symbolic interactionist theory on stigma to discuss the social-psychological internalization process that girls encounter as they become enculturated into menstruation as a stigmatic condition. I then use a macro-discursive, Foucauldian analysis on power and discourse to understand how menstruation has been socially constructed from premodern superstitions, to the rise of modern medicine in the late 19<sup>th</sup> century. I follow this with a Marxian, macro-materialist understanding of capitalism to discuss how the femcare industry emerged and commodified feminine hygiene products. Finally, I investigate how second and third wave feminists have mobilized to resist patriarchal ideologies which devalue, subordinate, and subjugate menstruating bodies.
Subjects/Keywords Menstruation; Sociological Theory; Feminist Theory; Feminist Movements; Activism
Contributors Dr. Susan Mann; Dr. Rachel Luft; Dr. Gilda Reed
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