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Title The Romani Place in Kosovar Space: Nationalism and Kosovo’s Roma
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Degree MA
Discipline/Department Sociology
Degree Level thesis
University/Publisher University of New Orleans
Abstract On February 17, 2008,Kosovo declared its independence. The path to independence and the claim to Kosovo was a long process that developed in three primary phases: A) the fostering of territorial solidarity under direct rule and an emphasis on historical ties to the territory; B) the foundation of the national idea within the realms of proto-nationalism; and C) the emergence of peripheral and mass nationalism. This research seeks to define the development of nationalist ideologies in Kosovo and to explore where Roma fit within those ideologies. An historical and sociological approach to nationalism in Kosovo is critical in understanding the current situation of Roma living in, and deported to, Kosovo, including the recent phenomenon of ethnic scapegoating of the Roma by both Serbs and Albanians
Subjects/Keywords Roma, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Nationalism; European History; History; Political History; Politics and Social Change; Race and Ethnicity; Sociology
Contributors Vern Baxter; Rachel Luft; Susan Mann
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