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Title The Power of Lyrical Protest: Examining the Rhetorical Function of Protest Songs in the 2000s
Publication Date
Degree MS
Discipline/Department Department of Communication (CLA)
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Rochester Institute of Technology
Abstract Until the late 1960s, serious scholarship involving the impact of popular music as political expression was lacking. Studies in rhetorical criticism tended to focus upon speeches, essays, and historical documents. Yet in the 1970s, protest songs were given more attention by scholars. However, this trend was not continued into the 2000s. By analyzing the ideological themes within the lyrics, this thesis examined the rhetorical function of protest songs performed during the 2000s. Functions identified include: historicizing a truth, using music and lyrics as a buffer to challenge a power structure, empowering the listener to overcome adversity, communicating a message to solidify members of a social movement, and encouraging societal change.
Subjects/Keywords Ideological criticism and protest songs; Protest songs and rhetoric; Protest songs and social activism; Protest songs of the 2000s; Rhetorical functions and protest songs
Contributors Patrick Scanlon; Kelly Norris Martin; Babak Elahi
Country of Publication us
Record ID oai:scholarworks.rit.edu:theses-8770
Repository rit
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Date Indexed 2018-12-06

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