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Title Guidelines and Criteria to Assess Singing and Music Training in Baccalaureate Music Theater Programs
Publication Date
Degree DMA
Discipline/Department Vocal Performance (Music)
Degree Level open access
University/Publisher University of Miami
Abstract Within the last twenty years there have been a growing number of prospective students interested in pursuing musical theater (MT) training in colleges and universities throughout the United States. To meet this demand, the number of schools offering baccalaureate MT degrees has also grown. However, information on how to assess the music and singing training of undergraduate MT programs is not easily accessible to prospective undergraduate students. This is likely due to the fact that colleges and universities have only begun offering degrees in MT since 1970. Research-based information in this area is primarily found in peer-reviewed journals or by attending workshops presented by a few pedagogues specializing in MT vocal methods and techniques. The purpose of this essay is to develop criteria for assessing the singing and music training in MT baccalaureate degree programs that would be useful for prospective MT students, based on the current literature.
Subjects/Keywords music theater; CCM; college students; colleges and universities; training programs; music instruction; music curriculum
Contributors Esther Jane Hardenbergh; Rachel L. Lebon; Dean J. Southern; Dennis Kam
Rights Unrestricted - open access
Country of Publication us
Record ID oai:scholarlyrepository.miami.edu:oa_dissertations-1678
Repository miami-diss
Date Retrieved
Date Indexed 2019-01-11
Created Date 2011-12-01 08:00:00

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