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Title Valores que o esporte ensina : intervenções pedagógicas para a formação da personalidade moral: Values that sport teaches : pedagogical interventions for the formation of moral personality
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University/Publisher Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Abstract Abstract: We live in times of crisis in relationships confirmed through conflicts, violence and daily disrespect. Characteristics such as individualism, consumerism, immediacy, denial of responsibilities and search for satisfaction of pleasures are replacing values previously considered concrete as effort, overcoming, lasting commitments, cooperation. In this scenario, sport has been proclaimed, in common sense, as an excellent "tool" to develop moral values that contribute to good coexistence, and therefore called to oppose the habits lived in the contemporary world. However, the small number of studies on this subject, especially when it comes to intervention proposals, indicate that this relationship is still more in the field of speculation than in pedagogy based on scientific foundations. In this sense, this research was developed through the intervention in the teaching environment of the sport to contribute to the formation of the moral personality of its students, presenting their proposals, discussing their characteristics and highlighting the values developed from this experience, being characterized by a study of a case carried out longitudinally, guided by the ethnographic approach and using participatory observation, interviews, filming and accompanying sports project documents. The general objective of this study was to analyze the process of stimulation in the construction of moral personality in a judo teaching project for children and adolescents, and as specific objectives: a- Identify the fundamental characteristics for the creation of an adequate environment for the development of values by sport; b- Describe the intervention proposals in applied values and evaluate the answers presented by the young people; c- Report the values developed in response to the experience of the intervention proposals. The research environment was a university extension project that offered judo classes for a rural community in the interior of Bahia between the years 2010 to 2015, frequented by children and adolescents of 6 to 18 years, totaling 70 young people. For the discussion of the results raised, five thematic categories were highlighted: 1- The community and its values; 2- Heteronomy as a passage for moral autonomy; 3 - Principles adopted in the environment of sports teaching; 4. The depth of learning as the foundation of moral development; 5- The conduct of the teacher: characteristics for mediation in morality. In the final considerations the importance of the construction of the sociomoral environment that stimulates values that collaborate for a good coexistence in the relations stands out. In this environment, moral culture is built through the treatment of several aspects such as the initial experience of heteronomy, always in search of understanding and autonomy, teacher training and encouragement for their own moral development, sport as an optimal environment for training of moral personality, but not necessarily for all, the values stimulated in sport and its relation to life beyond the tatami, and…
Subjects/Keywords Moralidade (Direito); Valores morais; Esportes - Pedagogia; Judo; Morality (Law); Moral values; Sports - Pedagogy; Judo
Contributors UNIVERSIDADE ESTADUAL DE CAMPINAS (CRUESP); Montagner, Paulo Cesar, 1963- (advisor); Universidade Estadual de Campinas. Faculdade de Educação Física (institution); Programa de Pós-Graduação em Educação Física (nameofprogram); Galatti, Larissa Rafaela (committee member); Marques, Renato Francisco Rodrigues (committee member); Santana, Wilton Carlos de (committee member); Luguetti, Carla Nascimento (committee member)
Language português
Country of Publication br
Record ID oai:repositorio.unicamp.br:REPOSIP/331147
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Date Indexed 2020-09-09
Issued Date 2018-01-01 00:00:00
Note [] Orientador: Paulo Cesar Montagner; [] Tese (doutorado) - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Faculdade de Educação Física; [degreelevel] Doutorado; [degreediscipline] Biodinamica do Movimento e Esporte; [degreename] Doutor em Educação Física; [sponsordocumentnumber] 01-P-04373/2015; [sponsor] CAPES;

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