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Title Responding to civilian bloodshed: Investigating the relationship between one-sided violence and aid
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University/Publisher Iowa State University
Abstract Do foreign aid flows respond to signals of need? This thesis explores the potential relationship between one-sided violence and foreign aid donations. I argue that one-sided violence operates as a signal to the international community, indicating that a state is in need of aid. Utilizing foreign aid as a means of understanding international response, I execute a series of empirical tests to establish if such a relationship can be confirmed. While conclusive determination of the relationship was not obtained, I provide the foundations for future avenues of research for one-sided violence and foreign aid.
Subjects/Keywords civilian conflict; civilian violence; foreign aid; humanitarian aid; international response; one-sided violence; International Relations; Political Science
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Country of Publication us
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…donor states to increase aid flows to a recipient state. Why a signal? As previously stated, much of the existing literature and data record civilian death estimates as byproducts of warfare. Like rape, looting, and property destruction, civilian

…1 CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION Introduction What causes a state to increase aid flows in a given area at a given point in time? In this thesis, I theorize on the role of unintentional signaling caused by domestic crisis(es). For the purposes…

…of this argument I examine one-sided violence as representative of domestic crisis, and so speculate on the potential reaction from the international community, as measured by official development aid flows. I will then perform a series of empirical…

…tests in order to investigate whether a relationship does exist between one-sided violence and foreign aid. As the body of research on conflict and civil unrest continues to grow, new conceptions of peace-seeking policy practices and extracurricular…

…addressing one-sided violence in terms of other, potentially larger, unintended outcomes. In this paper I address one of those possible outcomes as an unintentional signaling event to the international community, indicating a state in need of aid or…

…foreign aid and one-sided violence. The expectation of foreign aid inflows to “surge” following incidents of one-sided violence does not require any stretch of the imagination (Elbadawi, Kaltani & Schmidt-Hebbel 2008). Such events may indicate a…

…sudden increase of domestic strife to donor nations, and in turn those donors may be expected to respond with foreign aid as a salve for the recipient’s troubles. Foreign aid and conflict are not new subjects of analysis in international relations. The…

…correlation has been examined from a myriad of theoretical foundations, with the relationship confirmed and confirmed again. The spectrum of study among foreign aid and conflict is broad. To offer direction for my theory, I examined the work of Svensson…