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Title New design approach of antennas with integrated coupled resonator filters
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Degree d_ph
Discipline/Department College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Degree Level d_ph
University/Publisher University of Birmingham
Abstract In the majority of microwave receiving and transmitting systems, a requirement is to have a filter immediately adjacent to the antenna or antenna array. This thesis presents a new methodology for antenna design where a filter is either fully or partially integrated with the antenna elements. The design of this antenna-filter follows the well-established coupled-resonator filter design theory, in which each resonator can not only be used as a filter element but also as a radiator. In order to verify the concept, a two-port bandpass filter designed using dipole antennas is the first work in this thesis to verify the use of dipole antennas as resonators. The coupling matrix has been used to obtain the filter response. One port antenna-filters made out of one, two and three dipoles. The method has also been utilised to implement X-band waveguide components which consist of an antenna-filter, antenna power divider and an antenna-diplexer. The calculation, simulation and measurement results are in good agreement. These proposed components has been designed, simulated, fabricated and measured. They have provided verification of the method, showing the antenna and filter theories and can be applied to miniaturise these components for use in the wireless communication and radar systems.
Subjects/Keywords TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering
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Date Indexed 2020-04-26

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