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Title Dual-band and switched-band highly efficient power amplifiers
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Degree d_ph
Discipline/Department College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Degree Level d_ph
University/Publisher University of Birmingham
Abstract The Power Amplifier is the most challenging module of a wireless network to design and it is the highest power consumer. Lots of research has been dedicated to design highly efficient and linear power amplifiers. The high demand for wireless communication systems creates the requirement for multiband transmitters and receivers. Providing high efficiency for power amplifiers in multiband applications is even more challenging. The work presented in this thesis is focused on designing high efficiency frequency adaptive power amplifiers. Frequency adaptive power amplifiers are categorized in three groups: broadband, multi-band and switched-band power amplifiers. Two main design methodologies of frequency adaptive power amplifiers are proposed in this thesis. They are dual-band and switched-band power amplifiers. The advantages and limitations of their output performances are evaluated. The main goals in this thesis are achieving high efficiency and required output power over all working bands and maintaining consistent performance over the bandwidth. In the dual-band power amplifiers, the distributed matching network is designed without any switches. Both of the switched-band Class-E power amplifiers have switched shunt capacitor values. The results demonstrate the tradeoffs between achieving consistent high performance in each band and introducing losses and complexity in the switching design.
Subjects/Keywords TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering
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