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Title George Rochberg’s Caprice Variations for Unaccompanied Violin: A Stylistic Study and Performance Guide
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Degree DMA
Discipline/Department College-Conservatory of Music: Violin
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher University of Cincinnati
Abstract George Rochberg (1916–2005) composed the Caprice Variations, his large-scale set of fifty variations on Paganini’s twenty-fourth caprice, in 1970, over a year before his String Quartet No. 3. While the Quartet is one of the most discussed pieces in scholarly essays concerning musical postmodernism, the Caprice Variations has received scant attention despite also participating in a poly-stylistic combination of past musical styles and modernist techniques. This performance guide views the variations through the lens of Rochberg’s notions of ars combinatoria, an aesthetic that is often applied to the Quartet No. 3. It provides performers with knowledge of the multitude of styles and structures found in the variations, helpful instruction concerning the difficulties of the work, and advice for performers who wish to perform selections of the work.
Subjects/Keywords Music; Rochberg; George Rochberg; Caprice Variations
Contributors Sassmannshaus, Kurt (Committee Chair)
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Grantor University of Cincinnati

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