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Title Women Agvocates' Approaches to Using Instagram
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Degree MS
Discipline/Department Agricultural and Extension Education
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher The Ohio State University
Abstract As the new generation of consumers moves into the market space, it is important for producers in the agriculture industry to understand how to reach this audience. Consumers today are actively seeking more information from social media platforms such as Instagram. This platform can be used by organizations and personally to educate the consumer on the agricultural industry because it appeals to their need for strong imagery. This study focuses specifically on women in agriculture’s use of Instagram to educate and advocate. Posts collected in the study were categorized in themes, dairy, cows, beauty, food, fitness, family and education. Most of the posts were geared toward daily life on a dairy and educating consumers about basic practices used on the dairy. Through trust and transparency, the five accounts in this study have successfully grown a large following to share their messaging with. Through this study, it is easy to see the need for agriculturalists to continue to tell not only the story of agriculture on social media, but also their own stories to engage and educate consumers.
Subjects/Keywords Agriculture; Communication; social media, trust, transparency, agriculture communications, dairy, advocate
Contributors Specht, Annie (Advisor)
Language en
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Date Indexed 2019-10-31
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