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Title Environmental factors of attitude formation toward organic and conventional milk: A study of interpersonal networks and interactions of milk consumers in California
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Degree MS
Discipline/Department Agricultural and Extension Education
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher The Ohio State University
Abstract This study analyzed the social media use and interpersonal interactions of consumers of organic and conventional dairy milk. Guided by the Theory of Planned Behavior and Social Cognitive Theory, the study was conducted to better understand if the decision to purchase organic or conventional milk is influenced by norms and attitudes established via human and online social interactions. A content analysis using Sysomos MAP and an online Qualtrics survey were utilized to gain insight into behaviors, attitudes, and interactions of 308 milk consumers in various geographical regions of California. This study expands on previous research in traditional media and human social networks by specifically studying platforms in new media and their association to users’ decisions made about milk products. The findings indicate that urban, suburban, and rural consumers differ in some ways in their online and interpersonal interactions related to milk information, as well as their perceptions of organic versus conventional milk. Based on the findings of the study, differences in personal networks and exposure to certain messaging in varying regions might perpetuate a more positive, confident, and informed view of organic or conventional milk products in some areas more so than others.
Subjects/Keywords Agriculture; Agricultural Education; Communication; environmental factors; organic milk; conventional milk; interpersonal networks; milk consumers in California
Contributors Specht, Annie (Advisor)
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