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Title Euclid's Elements, from Hilbert's Axioms
Publication Date
Degree MS
Discipline/Department Mathematics
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher The Ohio State University
Abstract This project is an exposition of Book I of Euclid’s Elements consistent with modern mathematical rigor. This text is designed to serve as a first introduction to geometry, building from Hilbert’s axioms the tools necessary for a thorough investigation of planar geometry.
Subjects/Keywords Mathematics; Euclid; Hilbert; elementary geometry; axioms
Contributors Costin, Rodica (Advisor)
Language en
Rights unrestricted ; This thesis or dissertation is protected by copyright: all rights reserved. It may not be copied or redistributed beyond the terms of applicable copyright laws.
Country of Publication us
Format application/pdf
Record ID oai:etd.ohiolink.edu:osu1354311965
Repository ohiolink
Date Indexed 2016-12-22
Grantor The Ohio State University

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