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Title Leading Professional Development: Perceptions of Ohio Principals
Publication Date
Degree Doctor of Education (EdD)
Discipline/Department Educational Administration (Education)
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher Ohio University
Abstract The purpose of this study was to evaluate the perceptions of Ohio public high school principals regarding their roles as leaders of professional development and to identify the strategies they have undertaken to lead professional growth among their teachers. This study provides insights regarding the manner that principals perceive professional development in terms of the ways that they prioritize and execute these roles. Seven research objectives drove this study. The focus of these research objectives was to describe Ohio public school principals based upon their demographic characteristics, to identify the manner in which the decision-making of the principals regarding professional development was influenced, to determine the types and levels of influence on the implementation of professional development that was experienced by the participating principals, to ascertain the frequency with which the characteristics of professional development have occurred at the schools of the principals, to determine the perceptions of the principals regarding the efficacy of the professional development activities at their schools, to identify the leadership strategies that the principals used to foster professional development, and to identify the existence of statistically significant differences among the selected demographics emerging from this study. The study informs current practitioners about effective strategies for leading professional development and offers recommendations for policy makers. In regards to future research, the researcher offers recommendations for studies that would contribute to the relatively small existing body of research results regarding principals’ perceptions of their role as leaders of professional development.
Subjects/Keywords Education; Educational Leadership; Educational Evaluation; Educational Theory; professional development; principal leadership; principal perceptions; professional development leadership; professional development evaluation; principal roles; leadership strategies; high school; principal; administrator
Contributors Larson, William (Committee Chair)
Language en
Rights unrestricted ; This thesis or dissertation is protected by copyright: all rights reserved. It may not be copied or redistributed beyond the terms of applicable copyright laws.
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Date Indexed 2017-07-18
Grantor Ohio University

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