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Title A Retrospective Analysis of Leadership Identity Development and Career Paths of Doctoral Student Completers in One Leadership Program
Publication Date
Degree EdD
Discipline/Department College of Education
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher Ashland University
Abstract The purpose of this exploratory, phenomenological study was to uncover the common experiences of doctoral student completers in one leadership program. It was conducted using qualitative methodology in a bound, case study format. Survey and interview data were collected and analyzed for common themes based upon the predetermined themes of leadership identity development and job and career paths. Sub-themes for leadership identity development included the following: (a) increased confidence, (b) identity affirmation, (c) personal learning and self-development, and (d) emphasis on collaborative relationships. Sub-themes related to job and career paths were as follows: (a) perceived expansion of field of work, (b) emphasis on collaborative relationships, and (c) goal attainment. One additional, separate theme identified was pride and self-fulfillment. Findings provided a voice to the doctoral students and added to current research on leadership identity development, graduate student career paths, and assessment of doctoral programs. Further exploration into the sub-themes uncovered in this study may offer insight into adult development as well as the concepts of human and social capital. Additional research into perceptions of leadership identity and career paths of non-completers as well as the impact of specific doctoral program components such as advisor relationships, cohort models, and mentorship projects may be of value.
Subjects/Keywords Educational Leadership; Doctoral student completers; leadership identity; career paths
Contributors Wilson, Harold (Committee Co-Chair); Shelly, Ann (Committee Co-Chair)
Language en
Rights unrestricted ; This thesis or dissertation is protected by copyright: all rights reserved. It may not be copied or redistributed beyond the terms of applicable copyright laws.
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Date Indexed 2016-12-22
Grantor Ashland University

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