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Title Using a Computerized Program to Improve Working Memory in Intermediate School Students
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Degree EdD
Discipline/Department College of Education
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher Ashland University
Abstract Working memory provides the important function of remembering and being able to process information. A child with low working memory may demonstrate deficits in academic achievement. A pragmatic interpretivist research approach asked if working memory and general intelligence could be improved for students. The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine whether the computerized program Jungle Memory® could improve working memory for intermediate grade students. The study followed the Baddeley and Hitch theoretical framework of working memory. Data were collected from pre and post assessments in working memory and general ability. Verbal working memory and general ability did not increase after the intervention using the Jungle Memory® brain training program. Visuo-spatial working memory did increase with a medium effect size (d=.51). Pretests showed verbal working memory had a positive correlation with general ability (r=.455, p<.01). Posttests showed visuo-spatial working memory positively correlated with general ability (r=.624, p<.01). Verbal working memory and visuo-spatial working memory did not correlate, substantiating the Baddeley and Hitch framework of working memory mediated by the phonological loop and visuo-spatial sketchpad. The study did not substantiate an improvement in working memory for students with deficits in working memory ability.
Subjects/Keywords Education; Educational Psychology; Working memory, education, brain-training, Jungle Memory
Contributors Edlefson, Carla (Committee Chair)
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