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Title Using eduScrum to introduce project-like features in Dutch secondary Computer Science Education.
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Universiteit Utrecht
Abstract In Dutch secondary school computer science, the final software project is an important part of the curriculum. However, most of the traditionally-taught course work before that offers little preparation for collaborative project work. The aim of this research is to find ways to prepare students for project based work by introducing project-like elements in regular courses throughout the curriculum. Working on an open design project brings challenges with regard to coordination, motivation and intellectual issues. This research is meant as a first step to explore the potential of an educational project management method; eduScrum to address these challenges. EduScrum was applied to a 3D object programming and modeling course in two different classes, which were followed using observations, audio recordings, and questionnaires. Results indicate that eduScrum offered the students the tools to coordinate the project effectively, as students were able to meet the deadlines and keep to their own planning. Motivation maintained a high level throughout the project. Whenever a motivational challenge such as a ‘free-rider’ occurred, students were able to deal with the problem, with the help of the teacher, not making them a victim this challenge. Results on the intellectual challenges indicate that students were able to recognize challenges such as individual differences in understanding the material. However, not all teams were equally effective in resolving the intellectual issues. The results demonstrate the potential of eduScrum as a preparation for the final project. However follow-up research is needed to assess the effectiveness over a longer period.
Subjects/Keywords eduScrum, project based learning, Dutch secondary school, Computer Science
Contributors Savelsbergh, Dr. E.R.
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