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Title Strategic decisions to adopt electronic content management systems
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Universiteit Utrecht
Abstract This era is an information era. The amount of content, which consists of data and information, is rapidly growing in our society, in public entities as well in private corporations. The options and tools to address the problems when handling content are exhaustive and can be specialized at times. These systems are called Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) and enable an organisation to structure their content and make it available in an easily accessible way. It is known how to implement these systems in organisations properly, and it has been researched what influences these systems have on organisational performance. However, it is unknown for what reasons organisations actually choose to adopt an ECMS. This exploratory research identifies key areas for possible adoption drivers based on prior literature and presents nine case organisations which chose to adopt an ECMS. It presents the reasons and drivers why these organisations adopted the system, if it was because their competitor had a system in place, if it was merely a coincidence, or if it was strategic planning and strongly aligned with business functionality and the processes in place within the organisation. The study proposes adjusted and extended framework based on the case interviews. As this exploratory research emphasises the strategic aspect, it is mentionable that among the cases, the organisations where the adoption was driven also by strategic aspects, thorough planning and alignment, came out on top. These organisations had a stronger performance than others. However, the most likely driver for ECMS adoption is the discontent with the organisational IT landscape and its scatteredness. That factor, along with improved ability to search for documents and make content easier available, was the most cited among the cases. The easiness to adopt ECMSs has also been a factor, as most of the systems are easily integratable nowadays. The study proposes an extended framework to assess ECMS adoption for future researchers to give additional coherent and holistic insight into reasons and drivers for ECMS adoption.
Subjects/Keywords ECMS, adoption, strategy
Contributors Helms, R.W.; Brinkkemper, S.
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Date Indexed 2016-09-27

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