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Title Progestins as a treatment for subinvolution of placental sites in the bitch.
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Universiteit Utrecht
Abstract Eight postpartum bitches diagnosed with subinvolution of placental sites (SIPS) were followed in this retrospective study to investigate the efficacy of treatment with low oral doses of progestins in stopping bloody vulvar discharge. Two other bitches diagnosed with SIPS were included in this study not receiving treatment. A progestin derivate was administered orally once a day in low dose for two weeks, with half the daily dose reduced the second week. Cessation of vulvar discharge was seen in all eight treated dogs within this two week treatment period. The untreated dogs persisted with the problem respectively until a few weeks before and till onset of the next proestrus. No adverse effects on future heat, fertility, gestation and parturition was found in both the treated and untreated dogs. The results of this study indicate that oral low dose progestin therapy is effective and probably safe in treatment of SIPS.
Subjects/Keywords SIPS, megestrolacetate, medroxyprogestroneacetate, trophoblast cells, progestins
Contributors Schaefers-Okkens, A.C.; Albers-Wolthers, C.H.J.
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Date Indexed 2016-09-27

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