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Title Sex Workers Warriors Against Sex Trafficking Exploring the agency of sex workers in the combat on sex trafficking
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Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Universiteit Utrecht
Abstract Since the start of the twenty-first century the need to combat human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking, has been the focus of non-governmental organisations and governments, in which sex trafficking has been identified as a global growing problem, pressed mainly by governments and feminists. There is the need to understand the issue of sex trafficking in order to prosecute those involved in trafficking activities and provide support to those who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation. Therefore this research seeks to comprehend and address how sex workers, when perceived and recognised as agents who are able to choose and act in pro of their own benefit, can be important allies in the fight against sex trafficking. Through the standpoint of sex workers' rights activists - who have a vast experience with empowering sex workers - this research will bring new perspectives on the issue of sex trafficking and how those who are directly involved with the sex industry can contribute to combating this issue. Those agents are the sex workers.
Subjects/Keywords Sex trafficking, sex work, agency
Contributors Midden, E.; Botter, B.
Language en
Rights info:eu-repo/semantics/OpenAccess
Country of Publication nl
Format text/plain
Record ID oai:dspace.library.uu.nl:1874/288633
Repository utrecht
Date Indexed 2016-09-27

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…Exploring the ways in which sex trafficking can be fought by sex workers aims to bring the understanding of sex workers’ agency when combating sex trafficking is at stake. That means, this research question intends to investigate agency as a…

…fundamental aspect in sex workers’ contribution against sex trafficking. The standpoint from the sex workers’ rights activists interviewed will be the main contributor to this knowledge production. In order to support the understanding of sex workers…

…contribution to combating sex trafficking, this research will also explore how sex trafficking is perceived by the interviewees by investigating the issues which are intrinsically connected to sex trafficking, such as: the scale, and vulnerabilities to sex

trafficking. It is important to understand how sex trafficking is perceived by the sex workers activists in order to gain new insights on this issue and learn how sex workers respond to the problem accordingly. The scale and vulnerabilities to sex trafficking

…2. The sub-questions are: What is sex trafficking? What is the difference between sex trafficking and sex work? In order to explore how sex workers can combat sex trafficking it is important to first understand what is sex trafficking and the…

…differences between sex trafficking and sex work. Explaining these differences is fundamental because when both terms are addressed interchangeably sex workers are essentially perceived as victims with no agency, which is inaccurate as, sex work, differently…

…from sex trafficking, is not associated with exploitation, but rather with choice and self-determination (Kapur in: Kempadoo 37). Therefore, when sex work is understood as different from sex trafficking, sex workers can participate in ending…

…real cases of exploitation, named, sex trafficking. 1.2 Theory Framework To answer the research question presented above, the theoretical framework of this thesis will be based on the concept of agency, more specifically, the agency of sex workers to…