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Title Childhood adversities as antecedents of suicide completion
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Degree MS
Discipline/Department Department of Psychiatry
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher McGill University

Suicide is a worldwide challenge that is associated with an interactive multitude of health, social, environmental and familial factors. In spite of promising advances in research aimed at unraveling the complexity of this distressing behaviour, suicide continues to impact many individuals and families and is considered as one of the principal causes of morbidity and mortality. Evidence from numerous studies has demonstrated childhood traumatic experiences as relevant risk factors for adult psychopathology and suicidal behaviour. Yet, not many research groups studying suicide have directly investigated the relationship between histories of childhood maltreatment and completed suicides. There appears to be a gray area in our understanding: Is suicide directly related to childhood abuse and neglect or do early traumatic life events predispose the individual to poor mental health which affects suicidality among the suicide completers. Studying this relationship may prove useful in assessing future suicide risk among high risk groups with psychiatric problems and childhood adversities. However, not all suicide completers suffer from psychopathology or have experienced childhood maltreatment. As the title suggests, this study aims to examine the relationship between childhood abuse and suicide completion and to investigate the frequency of traumatic childhood events (including sexual abuse, physical abuse, parental neglect, and family discord) so as to better understand and delineate the underlying risk factors associated with suicide. We used a psychological autopsy methodology with two different samples to examine the proportion of completed suicides directly associated with childhood abuse. We also explored types and frequency of childhood maltreatment among adult suicide completers. Based on previous findings among suicide attempters, we expected that high levels of sexual abuse would be found. We will pr

Le suicide est une problématique mondiale associée à une interaction de plusieurs facteurs sociaux, environnementaux, familiaux et de santé. Malgré les importants progrès dans la recherche visant à élucider la complexité de ce comportement inquiétant, le suicide continue d'ébranler plusieurs individus et familles et est considéré comme une des principales causes de morbidité et de mortalité. Plusieurs études ont démontré que les expériences traumatiques dans l'enfance constituent un important facteur de risque pour la psychopathologie adulte et le comportement suicidaire. Cependant, peu de groupes de recherche sur le suicide se sont directement adonnés à l'investigation de la relation entre les expériences de maltraitance à l'enfance et le suicide complété. Il semble y avoir une zone grise dans notre compréhension de ce lien : Le suicide est-il directement relié à l'abus et la négligence dans l'enfance où est-ce les expériences de vie traumatisantes qui prédisposent l'individu à des problèmes de santé mentale qui…

Subjects/Keywords Health Sciences - Medicine and Surgery
Contributors Gustavo Turecki (Supervisor)
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