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Title Permitting and interconnection of solar PV generators for the Marin Energy Authority Feed-in Tariff Program
Publication Date
Degree Master of City and Regional Planning
Discipline/Department City and Regional Planning
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Cal Poly
Abstract Lack of access to information on the cost and timeframe for the permitting and interconnection of distributed renewable energy generation facilities may hinder renewable energy capacity development. This issue is examined within the specific context of solar photovoltaic systems developed for participation in the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program hosted by the Marin Energy Authority (MEA). A guide on the permitting and interconnection of solar PV generators for participation in the program was produced for the host agency. This guide seeks to assist property owners and solar developers in overcoming existing informational challenges. By providing an overview of the procedural requirements and process, as well as reference tools that highlights helpful resources and documents, the guide provides readers with an introductory tool for overcoming existing non-market barriers to participation in the MEA FIT program. In addition, a Recommendations Report has also been produced to provide the MEA with a discussion of existing procedural challenges faced by program participants. This report, which details the issues identified by those stakeholders that participated in the development of the guide, concludes with a series of recommended actions that the MEA may take to enhance the ability of potential FIT participants to accurately estimate and plan for the costs and timeframes associated with permitting a solar PV facility.
Subjects/Keywords Solar; Photovoltaic; Feed-in Tariff; Interconnection; Permitting; Urban, Community and Regional Planning
Contributors Adrienne Greve
Country of Publication us
Record ID oai:digitalcommons.calpoly.edu:theses-1796
Repository calpoly
Date Retrieved
Date Indexed 2019-04-04
Created Date 2012-06-01 07:00:00

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