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Title Black Culture: A Laughing Matter
Publication Date
Degree MA
Discipline/Department Religion
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Vanderbilt University
Abstract Black authenticity is a false concept created by early European thinkers to overpower African people. Later the New Negro intellectuals used this misconception to compete with whiteness. However, their connotations of black authenticity later become ineffective due to changes in the meaning, language, and context of racial discourse over time. Through comedy, Dave Chappelle deconstructs black authenticity by ridiculing its meaning through a performative socio-cultural criticism. I will draw on Mikhail Bakhtinâs idea of laughter to show how âopen seriousnessâ can be a tool for open radical space that reinvent ways of thinking. In this case, Bakhtinâs laughter is seen through the comedy of Chappelle, which I call racialized homeopathy. Through racialized homeopathy, I show that Chappelle uses the mask of imposed racial images on black bodies to ridicule the myopic thinking of black culture and open up dialogue for human fellowship
Subjects/Keywords Dubois; Dave Chappelle; comedy; black culture; racialized homeopathic; Bahktin
Contributors Professor Victor Anderson (chair); Professor Lewis Baldwin (committee_member)
Language en
Rights unrestricted
Country of Publication us
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Record ID oai:VANDERBILTETD:etd-03252013-151648
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Date Indexed 2019-06-05

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