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Title The Relations between Organizational Commitment and Investiture - Divestiture Tactics of Newcomersâ Organizational Socialization and Job Search Behavior: Personality Trait as a Moderator
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Degree Master
Discipline/Department Human Resource Management
University/Publisher NSYSU
Abstract Enterprises have always focused on the organizational commitment and turnover rate of newcomers. The typical approach to facilitate newcomersâ integration and having good performance is organizational socialization tactics. In the past, we usually assessed the organizational socialization tactics by the overall six tactics. However, we found that the domestic research is used to be weaker than the foreign literature on the reliability of âinvestiture â divestiture tacticsâ. Therefore, this study aims to explore the meaning of âinvestiture - divestiture tacticsâ and move further to remodel scales. We probe into investiture - divestiture tactics for organizational commitment and effect of job search behavior. Also, in this study we use personality traits as interference to understand whether need to adjust the ratio of imparting or deprivation in different characteristics newcomers. In this study, survey participants were newcomers, total recovery of 143 valid samples. The results show that: (1) The investiture - divestiture tactics scales have good reliability and validity. (2) The working and psychological level investiture in investiture - divestiture tactics have a positive impact on organizational commitment. (3) The organization and psychological level investiture in investiture - divestiture tactics have a negative impact on job search behavior. (4) Emotional stability can interfere with the relationship between organizational commitment and investiture - divestiture tactics of newcomersâ organizational socialization. Finally, the study proposes practical suggestions to human resource Dep. and line manager on talent management in accordance with the empirical results. The ultimate purpose is to contribute greater performance to organizations.
Subjects/Keywords Personality Trait; Job Search Behavior; Organizational Commitment; Investiture vs. Divestiture Tactics; Organizational Socialization
Contributors Shih-Jer Chen (chair); Jin-Feng Uen (committee_member); Liang-Chih Huang (chair)
Language zh
Rights unrestricted ; Copyright information available at source archive
Country of Publication tw
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Record ID oai:NSYSU:etd-0522115-230617
Repository nsysu
Date Indexed 2017-05-12
Grantor NSYSU

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