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Title Provokativ konst i bildundervisning : Hur sju bildlärarstudenter förhåller sig tillkontroversiell samtidskonst i undervisning för grundskolans senare år
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Discipline/Department Creative Studies (Teacher Education)
University/Publisher Umeå University
Abstract The study shows how seven informants, all studying at a university in northern Sweden to become art teachers, perceive and relate to controversial contemporary art in the context of secondary school art education. The study is based on semi-structured interviews. The study contributes to a nuanced view of these informants opinions and thoughts regarding provocative contemporary art, in relation to the school's democratic values ​​and founding mission. The seven informants' responses were compiled thematically linked to the study's purpose and issues to allow for comparisons and analysis. The analysis of the information that was served was based on a qualitative perspective, which has links to hermeneutics. It appears that some of the informants have strong opinions regarding what kind of controversial contemporary art that should not be dealt with in elementary school art education. It is also suggested that contemporary art is an absent element in art education at Sweden's primary schools.
Subjects/Keywords democratic values; democratic task; curriculum Lgr11; contemporary art
Language sv
Country of Publication se
Record ID oai:DiVA.org:umu-90212
Repository diva
Date Indexed 2017-06-16

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