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Title Fågelfångstanläggningar : Sockensamer & skogsfågelfångst i Gävleborg och Västernorrland under historisk tid
Publication Date
Discipline/Department philosophical and religious studies
University/Publisher Umeå University
Abstract This paper seeks to provide a better understanding of the supposed connection between Parish Sami and the little researched stone remnants of grouse trapping, i.e. bird mazes, that show a spatial concentration to Västernorrland and Gävleborg counties - by using spatial analysis, historical-ethnographical analogies, folklore studies and two case studies. The results are contradicting; the spatial analysis shows no or little signs of a connection between remains of Sami type and place names indicating Sami presence. The analogies show a likeness between methods where sticks and branches were used instead of stones to create the fences which lead the birds to the snare-traps. However, these methods were used by both Swedish farmers and Sami. There are several folklore records that connect Sami and the bird mazes, and one tells of how the Sami taught the parish inhabitants the method. The case studies show an apparent spatial connection between bird mazes and a Parish Sami home and a nomadic Forest Sami complex. Nomadic Forest Sami in the region have been shown to be the ancestors of Parish Sami. Based on these results, the author proposes that the bird maze method was first used by Forest Sami and later used by their descendants Parish Sami, but somewhere along the way the method was taught to or picked up by Swedish farmers. In any case, this study might be used as a jumping off point for the further work and research into the physical remains of Sami in the region that are well needed, in particular the Parish Sami, but also bird mazes.
Subjects/Keywords Sockenlappar; sockensamer; samer; Gävleborg; Västernorrland; fågelfångstanläggningar; skogsfåglar; ångermanland; medelpad; hälsingland; gävleborg; Archaeology; Arkeologi
Language sv
Country of Publication se
Record ID oai:DiVA.org:umu-149295
Repository diva
Date Indexed 2020-01-03

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