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Title Teknikens gråhåriga marknad - vi är här för att stanna : Vad påverkar äldres köpbeslut av ny teknologi?
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Discipline/Department Organisation and Entrepreneurship
University/Publisher Linnaeus University
Abstract This thesis aims to describe how enterprises can approach and reach older citizens in order to sell new technology products. For that they need information about aspects affecting elderlies purchase decisions regarding these kind of products. The study is based on 13 qualitative interviews where we have applied semi structured interviews and observations of the elderlies behaviour towards an Ipad which we used as a study object during the interviews. The results of this study shows several aspects which affect the elderlies purchase decision regarding new technology but it all comes down to one matter, lack of knowledge. In order to overcome that obstacle, enterprises need to modify their communication strategy. They will be needing information about elderlies preferences and their self-image, meaning how they perceive themselves which is connected to how receptive they are towards new technology. They will also need to communicate information about the products area of use, the quality of the product, that the product is user-friendly and that there is impeccable support and education available. All these aspects have shown to have huge impact on the purchase decision. Enterprises need to assure the elderly segment that they will be able to use these products without complications. Since the social environment, especially the younger segment has shown to have an impact on the elderlies purchase decisions, enterprises must also turn the attention and start communicating this information towards them also.
Subjects/Keywords consumer behaviour; decision making; purchase decision; buyer decision
Language sv
Country of Publication se
Record ID oai:DiVA.org:lnu-45102
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Date Indexed 2017-06-16

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…teknologins utveckling”, ”digital utveckling”, ”konsumenters beslutsprocess”, ”konsumentbeteende”, ”revolution of technology”, ”digital divide”,”consumer behavior”, ”information processing,” consumer decision-making” och ”marketing strategy”. Efter att ha läst…