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Title Situated cognition and Agile software development: A comparison of three methods
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Discipline/Department Computer and Information Science
University/Publisher Linköping University
Abstract Agile programming methods have become popular in software development projects. These methods increase productivity and support teamwork processes. In this thesis, we have analyzed three well-known Agile methods - Scrum, Extreme Programming and Crystal Orange - from the perspective of situated cognition to investigate how well the methods support cognition. Specifically, we looked at how the methods aid memory and attention through the use of external representations. The study suggests that the methods support different aspects of situated cognition reasonably well. However, among the investigated methods, Scrum stands out due to aspects of task representation (progress charts), its approaches to externalize what-to-do (memory), and the means to focus on the important programming tasks for the day (attention).
Subjects/Keywords Agile method; Scrum; Extreme Programming; Crystal; Crystal Orange; situated cognition; cognitive artifacts; representation; memory; attention; Software Engineering; Programvaruteknik
Language en
Country of Publication se
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Date Indexed 2018-01-25

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