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Title Direct Numerical Simulation Studies of Sedimentation of Spherical Particles
Publication Date
Date Accessioned
University/Publisher Kyoto University
Subjects/Keywords Colloid; Sedimentation; Direct Numerical Simulation; Hydrodynamic Interaction; Diffusion; Smooth Profile Method
Contributors 山本, 量一 (advisor); 松坂, 修二 (advisor); 古賀, 毅 (advisor)
Language en
Country of Publication jp
Record ID handle:2433/188621
Repository kyoto
Date Indexed 2020-09-08
Issued Date 2014-03-24 00:00:00

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…Lattice Boltzmann method MSD Mean-square displacement NS Navier Stokes PDF Pair distribution function Pe Peclet number PY Percus-Yevick RDF Radial distribution function Re Reynolds number SP Smooth profile SRD Stochastic rotational…

…r Shell thickness in RDF l Size of hypothetical blob of fluid ϕ(x) Smooth profile function x Spatial coordinate Cβ (r) Spatial correlation function ts Stokes time Vs Stokes velocity σf Stress tensor Si Surface L…

…mid plane of the cell where walls have no effects this velocity field decays as r−1 . Due to this large velocity field in the middle plane, the interaction of the velocity field of a particle with other particles is larger than the velocity field of…

…the particle near the walls. This strong interaction of particles in the middle plane will induce larger velocity fluctuations than particles near the walls. Hence, there exists a gradient in the velocity fluctuations, being maximum in the middle plane…

…volume fractions, this weak interaction competes with the many-body interactions, which then lead to the isotropic microstructure, similar to that in hard-sphere distribution. Climent et al. [52] observed a similar mechanism in their study…

…Under sedimentation, the microstructure of the suspension is determined by the long-range hydrodynamic interaction (HIs), which are characterized by large time and length scales, features that render the non-equilibrium properties of the…

…x29; Si The basic idea of the SP method is to solve the modified NS equation over the entire domain, by treating the colloids as fluid particles, where particles are represented using a smooth phase Chapter 1. Introduction 9 field 0 ≤ ϕ (x,t…