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Title Sub-regional groundwater modeling of the High Plains Aquifer of Texas
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Discipline/Department Civil Engineering
Degree Level masters
University/Publisher Texas Tech University
Subjects/Keywords Groundwater  – Texas, West  – Mathematical models; Groundwater flow  – Simulation methods; High Plains Aquifer  – Mathematical models; Aquifers  – Texas, West  – Mathematical models
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Rights Unrestricted.
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Repository ttu
Date Indexed 2017-07-21

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…compare simulation results from the mesh-refined models to regional model results, and • make recommendations for other appHcations in the Texas High Plains. 4 CHAPTER II BACKGROUND Computer simulation of aqmfers has long been a part of groundwater

…a finite-difference groundwater simulation program, was written based on the work of Prickett and Lonnquist (1971). This smdy included a massive data collection effort to obtain water table elevation, bottom elevation, specif.c yield…

groundwater systems. A study was begun to compUe hydrologic, geologic, and water quaUty information about the system, to analyze and develop an understanding of the system, and to develop a computer simulation of the system to aid managing the resource. The…

…largely based on the use of groundwater. The OgaUala aquifer and surrounding formations that make up the southem part of the High Plains aquifer shown in Figure 1.1 (Luckey et al., 1988) provide fresh water for raismg crops and Hvestock. Because…

…soUs, a long growing season, and a vast supply of groundwater. Irrigation devices were quickly developed, and the High Plains of Texas became one of the most heavUy irrigated regions in the country. These irrigators soon noticed the water levels in…

…their weUs declining, and it was reaHzed that the OgaUala aquifer did not contain a Hmitiess supply of water. In an effort to conserve the water used for irrigation, the first groundwater conservation district was formed in 1949. Several other…

…As part of the state water plan for West Texas, a groundwater model has been developed for the High Plains of Texas to aid in predictmg water levels in the OgaUala aquifer (Knowles et al., 1984). 1.1 Problem Statement As groundwater

…resources on the Texas High Plains continue to diminish, agencies such as the various groundwater conservation districts must be able to determine not only the amount of water avaUable to groundwater users, but also the amount of water expected to be…