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Title Development of multicomponent assembly processes and their application to the synthesis of novel heterocyclic scaffolds and the total synthesis of actinophyllic acid : application of an iminium ion mediated cascade
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Degree PhD
Discipline/Department Chemistry
Degree Level doctoral
University/Publisher University of Texas – Austin
Abstract Several novel multicomponent assembly processes have been developed for the preparation of a diverse array of complex heterocyclic systems from relatively simple starting materials. These studies resulted in the discovery of a new quinazolone forming reaction, which was applied to the one-step synthesis of the quinazolinocarboline alkaloid rutaecarpine. Biological screening of these complex heterocycles culminated in the identification of a potent sigma-2 receptor ligand. A novel N-acyliminium ion mediated cascade reaction was employed for the concise synthesis of (±)-actinophyllic acid. The completion of the synthesis relied on the development of a reaction sequence that avoided a potentially detrimental fragmentation process. Furthermore, several anti-cancer compounds were identified through a diverted total synthesis approach.
Subjects/Keywords Total synthesis; Natural products; Organic chemistry
Contributors Martin, Stephen F. (advisor)
Country of Publication us
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Date Indexed 2019-09-12
Grantor The University of Texas at Austin
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