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Title A compressive sensing approach to solving nonograms
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Discipline/Department Mathematics
University/Publisher University of Texas – Austin
Abstract A nonogram is a logic puzzle where one shades certain cells of a 2D grid to reveal a hidden image. One uses the sequences of numbers on the left and the top of the grid to figure out how many and which cells to shade. We propose a new technique to solve a nonogram using compressive sensing. Our method avoids (1) partial fill-ins, (2) heuristics, and (3) over-complication, and only requires that we solve a binary integer programming problem.
Subjects/Keywords Nonogram; Compressive sensing; Binary integer programming
Contributors Ward, Rachel A. (advisor)
Language en
Country of Publication us
Record ID handle:2152/22669
Repository texas
Date Indexed 2018-10-22
Note [] text; [department] Mathematics;

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