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Title Capacities of erasure networks
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Discipline/Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
University/Publisher University of Texas – Austin
Abstract We have investigated, in various multiple senses, the “capacity” of several models of erasure networks. The defining characteristic of a memoryless erasure network is that each channel between any two nodes is an independent erasure channel. The models that we explore differ in the absence or presence of interference at either the transmitters, the receivers, or both; and in the availability of feedback at the transmitters. The crux of this work involves the investigation and analysis of several different performance measures for these networks: traditional information capacity (including multicast capacity and feeback capacity), secrecy capacity, and transport capacity.
Subjects/Keywords Wireless communication systems – Design and construction; Signal theory (Telecommunication); Data transmission systems – Design and construction; Information networks; Electromagnetic interference; Electronic security systems
Contributors Vishwanath, Sriram (advisor)
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